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Core Values Reminder

As we near the business end of the season, Surrey Rugby has asked all clubs to remind those involved in our game (players, coaches, medical staff & spectators) of the Core Values of Rugby Union.

S&ERFC, like all RFU Accredited clubs, operates a Zero Tolerance approach to Referee Abuse. We are lucky to have such a large contingent of individuals who give up their time to make sure that we/our children can play the game we love so a brief reminder of the following:

– Entering the field of play during a game as a coach or spectator is unacceptable.
– Verbally questioning a referees decision from the touchline, throughout a game, is unacceptable.
– Coaching staff and subs patrolling the whole length of the touchline, following play, is unacceptable.
– Approaching the referee at half time, unless invited to do so, is unacceptable.
– Telling players to “ignore the referee” from the touchline or openly disrespecting the referee is unacceptable.
– Failing to acknowledge the referees participation in the game at the end is unacceptable.
– Verbally abusing, swearing and making physical contact with a referee is unacceptable at anytime.

As a club, we will take a firm stance on anyone who breaches the above. We pride ourselves on the hospitality that we provide referees to the extent that many request to come back to Rugby Lane – long may it continue!

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