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Club Structure

Club Structure
President:  John Hardy
Chairman:  Mark Felstead

Life Vice-Presidents
J J R Austin 1982
W S Bellenger 2002
B G Chapple 1971
R J Cheall 2012
J Croysdill 2022
P J Dommersen 1985
Jackie Dowden 2009
J C Evans 2003
A J Fernihough 2011
I M Frazer 2000
R J Haime 2017
J Hardy 2010
N Harries 2005
D R S Harris 1976
P Hatch 2002
D Hegarty 2015
G Howford 2022
J Hume 2001
M J Hunter 2000
P Jenkins 2007
D Kieran 2006
I M Lovatt 2001
Jo Martin 2009
I McGraw 2022
K Mohr 2022
Janet Moore 1990
D E Moore 2002
P J O’Hagan 2000
P O’Sullivan 2005
J Parsons 2013
P Phillips 2016
R R Poole 1998
L H Quested 2003
R Reino 2016
Ann Saunders 2001
J R M Saunders 2004
S M Shaylor 2007
R J Sinclair 2000
J A Tedder 2003
E J St.J Thomas 1990
Ann Towers 2001
J N Vale 2000
A J Woods 1996
Rachel Wright 2009
D M Yadoo 1979
G Yadoo 1976

Honorary Trustees
J J R Austin; G Hll; J Parsons.

Chairman:  Mark Felstead
Honorary Secretary: Ryan Reino
Honorary Treasurer: Chris Hodges
Assistant Secretary:  Rob Davies
Director of Rugby:  Andrew Spooner
Chairman House & Grounds:  TBC
Chairman Sponsorship & Marketing:  Bob Haime

General Committee
President:  John Hardy
Membership Secretary:  Rob Smith
Chairman Mini & Junior Section:  John Potts
Chair Discipline:  Ian McGraw / Kellie Rutledge
Chairs of Events Committee:  Alice Clarke / Angus Findlay
Chair Women:  Jayne Meadows
Chair Junior Girls:  Michael Snaith
Club Captain:  Rob Hegarty
Senior Fixtures:  Iain Frazer

Club Opening Hours
Saturdays (during the season) 11.30 to 23.00. Sundays 12.00 noon to 21.30.
Training Evenings (Tues, Weds and Thurs) 19.00 to 23.00.
Out of season: Thursday evenings and Sundays (closing time dependent upon demand).