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Club Rules

1. The Club shall be called the “SUTTON & EPSOM RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB”, hereinafter called “the Club”.

2 (a) The primary object of the Club shall be to play rugby football in accordance with the Laws of the Rugby Football Union.
2 (b) The secondary objects of the Club shall be:
2 (b)(i) to further the interests of rugby football generally; and
2 (b)(ii) to provide social and other amenities for members.
2 (c) All profits or surpluses made by the Club shall be used to maintain or to improve the Club’s facilities or otherwise in furtherance of the Club’s Objectives. No such profits or surpluses may be distributed other than to another non-profit making body or bodies having sporting objectives on the winding up or dissolution of the club.

3 The officers of the Club shall consist of the President, the Chairman (hereinafter referred to as the Club Chairman), the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Assistant Secretary, the Hon. Treasurer, the Chairman of the Rugby Committee, the Chairman of the House & Grounds Committee and the Chairman of the Sponsorship & Marketing Committee.

4 (a) The Officers of the Club shall be elected at the Spring General Meeting. Any member entitled to vote may nominate or second another member as an Officer of the Club, but such nomination duly seconded must be given to the Hon. Secretary in writing at least seven days before the Spring General meeting.
4 (b) The General Committee shall create a sub-committee to be known as the Vice-Presidents Committee consisting of the Club Chairman and the Hon Secretary for the time being plus not less than one and not more than three other members who need not be members of the General Committee. The Vice-Presidents Committee shall consider nominations for Vice-President and submit recommendations to the General Committee who shall be empowered to elect Vice-Presidents without reference to members in General Meeting. The General Committee shall provide the Vice Presidents Committee with guide-lines as to the criteria to be applied in deciding whether a nomination for Vice President shall be recommended.
4 (c)(i) Life Vice-Presidents shall be appointed for exceptional service to the Club.
4 (c)(ii) All Vice Presidents holding office at 31 March 2000 shall be designated Life Vice-Presidents and shall not be subject to annual or other re-election.
4 (c)(iii) Nominations for Life Vice-President shall be made by not less than three existing Life Vice-Presidents in writing to the Life Vice-Presidents Secretary (see Rule 4 (c) (iv)) or, in his absence, to the Hon Secretary who shall convene a meeting of Life Vice-Presidents. This meeting shall consider and vote upon the nomination and if a majority present shall approve it the nomination shall be added to the notice convening the next Spring or Autumn General meeting and shall be voted on at that meeting. In the event of a meeting of Life Vice-Presidents rejecting a nomination, no reason shall be given or requested.
4 (c)(iv) The Life Vice-Presidents shall appoint one of their members to act as Life Vice-Presidents Secretary to hold such appointment until he resigns or is replaced.
4 (d) All Officers shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. Neither the President nor the Club Chairman shall normally hold office for more than three consecutive years, but can be re-elected beyond three or more consecutive years, only if the majority of members of the General Committee resolve that each and every annual nomination for re-election beyond three years is in the best interest of the Club. Neither the President nor the Club Chairman shall be entitled to vote on this issue.

5 The duties of the Officers of the Club shall be, inter alia;
5 (a) The President shall be chairman of all General meetings and in his absence a chairman shall be elected.
5 (b) The Club Chairman shall be chairman of all General Committee meetings and in his absence a chairman shall be elected.
5 (c) The Hon. Secretary shall;
5 (c)(i) be an ex-officio member of all Committees and Sub Committees.
5 (c)(ii) carry out the general correspondence of the Club.
5 (c)(iii) convene all General meetings and General Committee meetings, and take minutes thereat in a book provided for the purpose and shall produce such minutes at the next appropriate meeting.
5 (c)(iv) prepare for the approval of the General Committee an annual report, specifically incorporating reference to the display of the Club’s accounts upon the Club notice board, which he shall subsequently circulate to all members with the notice convening the Autumn General meeting.
5 (c)(v) circulate with the notice convening the Spring General meeting a list of suggestions of the General Committee for Officers of the Club for the ensuing year; and
5 (c)(vi) arrange for the display of the Club’s accounts upon the Club notice board, from the date upon which notice convening the Autumn General meeting is circulated to all members up to and including the date upon which such accounts are approved by the Club in general meeting.
5 (d) The Hon. Treasurer shall;
5 (d)(i) receive all monies on behalf of the Club.
5 (d)(ii) pay all accounts, such accounts having received proper approval; and all instructions to the club’s bankers to bear two authorised signatories save that any instruction for £200 or less (or such other sum not exceeding £500 as shall be approved by the General Committee) may bear the sole signature of the Hon Treasurer; and
5 (d)(iii) annually prepare an Income and Expenditure account and Balance Sheet.
5 (e) The Chairman of the House & Ground Committee shall ensure compliance with Clauses 13, 14 and 15 hereof.

6 The Surrey County Representative shall be the Club Hon. Secretary who will report on the County activities to the General Committee.

7 There shall be a Finance Committee, which shall consist of the Trustees of the Club, the Club Chairman, the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Treasurer and the Chairman of the House & Ground Committee. This Committee shall have full control over the finances of the Club and shall be responsible for all the arrangements for the purchase for the Club or the supply by the Club, of intoxicating liquor of all descriptions.

8 The General Committee shall consist of the Club Chairman, the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Chairman of the Rugby Committee, Chairman of the House & Ground Committee, Chairman of the Sponsorship & Marketing Committee and a representative appointed by the Junior Section. The General Committee shall have the authority to co-opt to the Committee one or more additional members of the Club.

9 The General Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Club and for this purpose shall, inter alia, meet at least six times a year (five to form a quorum) and be empowered to;
9 (a) make bye- laws.
9 (b) create Sub Committees and delete such powers, as it thinks fit to such Sub Committees.
9 (c) fill any vacancy that may occur among the Officers of the Club or members of the Committee.
9 (d) elect new members.
9 (e) suspend a member for any period up to a maximum of two years, such suspensions being subject to the same provisions as those relating to expulsion ( Rule 23 (b) refers); and
9 (f) call a Special General Meeting at any time subject to sufficient notice being given (paragraph 27).
9 (g) establish a Disciplinary Committee with power to suspend a member from selection or take other appropriate action in case of misconduct on or off the field of play. Any member who is the subject of a disciplinary hearing and is not satisfied with the outcome may appeal in writing to the Hon Secretary within 14 days. The Hon Secretary shall then arrange within a further 14 days for an Appeals Committee to be convened comprising the Club Chairman (or in his absence, the Hon. Secretary) acting as chairman, together with 2 or 3 members of the General Committee selected by the chairman who have not been involved in the Disciplinary Committee hearing. The Appeals Committee is empowered to vary the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, failing which the decision stands.

10. The Rugby Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Rugby Committee, the First XV Captain, the Hon Match Secretary, the Hon. Team Secretary and the Coach. The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt on to the Committee one or more members of the Club.

The Rugby Committee shall be responsible for all aspects of playing matters.

11 (a) The Selection Committee shall consist of Captains and Vice Captains of teams, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Hon. Team Secretary, Hon. Assistant Team Secretaries, Hon. Coach or Coaches and such other members as the General Committee may consider desirable. Three to form a quorum.
11 (b) The selection Committee shall meet once a week during the season (except where there are no games the following Saturday).
11 (c) There shall be a Sub Committee of the Selection Committee, which shall select the first two teams of the Club. Such Sub Committee shall meet before the Selection Committee and shall consist of the Chairman of the Rugby Committee, the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Team Secretary, Hon Coach or Coaches, the Captains of the first two teams, the Captains of the third and fourth teams and two or more extra members.

The remainder of the teams shall be selected by the main Selection Committee.

11 (d) The Selection Committee shall be responsible for making representations to the General Committee on behalf of the playing members.

12 (a) The Hon. Match Secretary shall:
12 (a)(i) Arrange all fixtures and in so doing shall be guided in general principles by the opinion of the General Committee.
12 (a)(ii) Submit annually a fixture list for approval at a General Committee meeting and later presentation to the next General meeting of the Club.
12 (b) The Hon. Team Secretary shall notify members of their selection for matches, receiving instructions for so doing from the Selection Committee and where practicable, shall consult captains of teams for the filling of vacancies.

13 (a) The House & Ground Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the House & Ground Committee, the Hon. Secretary and two other members appointed by the General Committee.
13 (b) The House & Ground Committee shall be responsible for the administration and proper running of the clubhouse and for this purpose shall meet at least six times annually, three to form a quorum. The House & Ground Committee shall be subject at all times to the over riding control of the General Committee.

The House & Ground Committee shall fix:
14 The hours during which the Clubhouse shall be open

15 (a) The hours during which intoxicating liquors may be supplied to members shall be fixed by the House & Ground Committee and in no way shall contravene the licensing laws.
15 (b) The supply of intoxicating liquor will be prohibited to any person under the age of 18.

16 The membership of the Club shall be composed of:
16 (a) Ordinary members being playing members and past playing members
16 (b) Non playing members, which shall include Social members being parents of junior players who have paid the subscription from time to time playable.
16 (c) Life members.

17 Ordinary members, who shall be past or present playing members, shall enjoy the following privileges;
17 (a) To represent the Club in a playing capacity at the direction of the Selection Committee.
17 (b) Use of the clubhouse, grounds and car park at all times that the Club is open.
17 (c) Provided that they have attained their majority to attend General meetings and vote thereat.
17 (d) To apply for tickets for international matches through the Club.
17 (e) Wearing of the Club colours.
17 (f) To introduce a maximum of three guests on any one day, subject to the proviso that no guest may be introduced more than three times in any one calendar year. In no circumstances whatsoever may a person who has been barred from membership of the Club be introduced as a guest.

18 (a) Non playing members shall be subject to the following:
18 (a)(i) Their number shall be restricted to 40% (hereinafter “the maximum percentage”) of the total membership.
18 (a)(ii) In the event that the maximum percentage is exceeded, whether inadvertently or otherwise, all memberships purportedly granted at any time after the maximum percentage is attained shall in each case and without notice be void ab initio.
18 (a)(iii) Any individual excluded from membership pursuant to the provisions of subclause (ii) hereof may reapply if and only if formally notified by the Hon. Secretary that the non-playing membership no longer equals or exceeds the maximum percentage.
18 (b) Non playing members shall be entitled to the privileges set out under paragraphs 17(b) to (f) inclusive, save that members who have not attained their majority shall not be entitled to attend General Meetings and vote thereat.
18 (c) If it should transpire following any General meeting that such membership was attended by any individual whose membership is void ab initio pursuant to the provisions sub paragraph (a) (ii) hereof, then any decision taken at any such meeting shall be voidable and shall be set aside if a letter setting out the grounds for complaint signed by seven members of the Club, having the right to vote, is received by the Hon. Secretary, or in his absence, the Hon. Assistant Secretary within one calendar month of the meeting which is the subject matter of the complaint. Thereafter the Hon. Secretary, or in his absence the Hon. Assistant Secretary, shall convene a Special General meeting pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 27 hereof.
18 (d) For the avoidance of doubt, paragraphs 18 and 22(a) hereof are designed to prevent non playing members from becoming a significant or dominant faction capable of usurping or infringing upon the primary and secondary objects set out in paragraph 2 hereof.

19 Life members who shall not, unless so ratified by the General Committee, be other than past playing members and shall consist of those who have paid the special subscription rate from time to time payable, shall be entitled to the privileges set out in paragraphs 17(b) to (f) inclusive.

20 (a) The General Committee shall adopt an Equity Policy stating that membership is open to all members of the community. This statement shall be displayed in the clubhouse and be generally available to all members and prospective members and shall be binding on all aspects of the Club’s activities. The General Committee shall have the continuing power to amend the statement as circumstances may, in its opinion, require, provided that in the event of a conflict the Club Rules shall prevail.
20 (b) Any person desirous of joining the Club with the intention of playing rugby football shall complete an application form and be given the opportunity to participate in the playing of the game pursuant to the primary object of the club.
20 (c) Any person desirous of joining the Club as a non-playing member shall complete an application form and be proposed and seconded by existing members. Applications shall then be dealt with as approved by the General Committee.

20 (d) No person shall be admitted to membership, or be admitted as candidates for membership without an interval of at least two days between their application for membership and their admission.
21 (a) In the case of all members, membership of the Club shall be annual from 1st May to 30th April. The General Committee shall in April each year consider and vote upon the re-election of members for the ensuing year and a member hall be re-elected unless;
21 (a)(i) the General Committee decides, in the case of ordinary, life and family members, by a majority of two thirds against re-election.
21 (a)(ii) the General Committee finds, upon making proper enquiry, that the maximum percentage as herein before defined is, because of a reduction in the total membership, exceeded whereupon the non playing membership shall be proportionately reduced so as to fall below the maximum percentage, such reduction to be on a last in first out basis.

22 (a) Notification of refusal to re-elect will be sent by the Hon. Secretary before 30th April in each year, but no reason for such refusal shall be required.
22 (b) Non receipt of notification or refusal to re-elect as last herein provided shall be deemed by a member to signify re-election for the ensuing year and should any such member not wish to continue membership, notice of that fact must be given in writing to the Hon. Secretary by 14th April in that year, in default of which the subscription of such member for the ensuing year shall be deemed to be payable.

23 Membership of the Club shall be terminated by;
23 (a) Resignation in writing
23 (b) Expulsion by the decision of the General Committee, provided that such resolution is passed by at least two thirds of those present, nine to form a quorum. Before such a resolution shall be voted upon, the member in question shall have the opportunity of being heard in defence by the General Committee.
23 (c) Failure to re-elect by the General Committee.

24 Any person ceasing to be a member under any of the provisions of paragraph 23 shall forfeit all privileges of membership of the Club and in the case of 23(a) and (b) shall have no claim to the return or remission of any portion of his subscription.

25 (a) Visiting teams and officials, bona fide supporters of the Club’s teams and of visiting teams and members of other sporting, social and invited clubs desirous of enjoying the Club’s sporting and social facilities and activities on a temporary basis and in order to enable the Club to achieve its primary and secondary objects pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 2 hereof, shall enjoy for the duration of
their visit only, the privilege of uninterrupted use of the Clubhouse and grounds on match days and on any other occasion upon which the said primary and secondary objects are being pursued.
25 (b) The Club will limit the number of occasions when the Club may be let to non-members, where the bar facilities are used, to not more than twelve separate lettings per annum.

26 (a) There shall be two General meetings in each year (herein called the “Spring” and “Autumn” General meetings) of which 14 days notice shall be given. Fifteen members present and entitled to vote thereat shall form a quorum.
26 (b) The Spring General meeting shall be held not later than 30 April in each year for the purpose of election of officers and members of the Committee for the year commencing 1st May next and any other business.
26 (c) The Autumn General meeting shall be held not later than 30th September in each year and the agenda and Annual report (which shall incorporate reference to the display of the Club’s Accounts on the Club notice board) shall accompany the notice convening the meeting.

27 On a written request, stating the nature of the business to be discussed, signed by seven members of the Club having the right to vote, the Hon. Secretary, or in his absence the Hon. Assistant Secretary, shall convene a special General meeting within 28 days, giving 14 days clear notice. The agenda of such a meeting shall accompany the notice and no business other than that appearing on the agenda shall be transacted. Twelve members, present an entitled to vote thereat, shall form a quorum.

28 The Chairman of all General, Committee and Sub Committee meetings shall have a casting vote.

29 The annual subscriptions which are and will be payable by the several classes of members shall be at the rates approved before 30th April in each year by the members in General meeting, in which connection the Hon. Secretary shall ensure that the General Committee’s proposals concerning the said subscription rates are duly notified to the membership not less than 14 days prior to any such General meeting.

30 (a) All subscriptions shall be payable on election and afterwards on 1st May in each year.
30 (b) The Hon. Secretary shall be empowered to accept new members in any class for part of the year on payment of such part of the appropriate subscription, as he thinks fit.
30 (c) The Hon. Secretary shall be empowered in special circumstances to reduce or waive the subscription due from any member

31 The General Committee shall be empowered to introduce an entrance fee for new members at its discretion and to fix the amount of such entrance fee.

32 No new member shall be allowed to enjoy any of the privileges or benefits of the Club until his/ her subscription has been paid.

33 On 1st December the name of any Ordinary, Non playing, Life or other member who has not paid his/ her subscription for the current season shall be posted in the clubhouse and thereupon such member shall not be allowed any of the privileges of the Club until his/her subscription is paid. The Hon. Treasurer shall give one week’s notice in writing to each person concerned.

34 The Club uniform shall be a black and white broad horizontally striped jersey, black shorts and black socks and all members shall be required to wear such uniform when representing the Club in a match. However the design of the jerseys worn by the 1st XV in matches may, with the approval of the General Committee, be modified so long as the black and white colours are retained. In addition there shall be a Club tie, or ties, to such a design, or designs, as shall be approved from time to time by the General Committee.

35 No alteration or addition to the rules of the Club shall be made except at a General meeting (of which not less than 14 day’s notice shall be given), to which a majority of members present agree. The notice calling such meeting shall state the proposed alteration or additions.

Amendments may be moved if notice thereof shall have been given to the Hon. Secretary in writing at least seven days before the meeting.

36 The Trustees shall be elected by the Club in General meeting and shall hold office until death or resignation, unless removed from office by a resolution passed at a General meeting and shall be ex -officio members of the General Committee.

37 The Trustees shall be three in number and the property of the Club shall be vested in them.
They shall deal with the property of the Club as directed by resolution of the General Committee (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence) and they shall be indemnified against risk and expenses out of the Club property. In the event of a majority of the Trustees disagreeing with a direction of the General Committee the matter shall be submitted to the decision of a General Meeting, to be called by the Hon. Secretary on the request of such Trustees.

38 (a) The Finance Committee may be authorised to borrow money for the purposes of the Club by a resolution of the General Committee. The Finance Committee shall thereupon be empowered to borrow such amount of money, either at one time or from time to time, at such rate of interest, in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in such resolution. Thereupon the Trustees shall make all such dispositions of the Club property, or any part thereof and enter into such agreements in relation thereto, as the Finance Committee shall deem proper for giving security for such loans and interest.

38 (b) However notwithstanding the terms of paragraph 38(a), the Finance Committee is authorised to arrange any borrowing with a maximum aggregate of £200, for a period not exceeding three months as may be necessary from time to time.

List of recent changes approved by members in General Meeting and incorporated above:

Amended 17 May 1996 to include the changes relating to rule 34.

Amended 1 May 1998 to alter rule 16 to three classes of members and to delete rule re family membership.

Amended 15 May 2000 to add rules for the election of Vice Presidents and to distinguish between VP’s and Life Vice Presidents – Rule 4 (b) & (c)

Amended 20th September 2001 to add Clause 2 (c) to ensure that playing fees and subscriptions remain exempt from VAT.

Amended 25th April 2002 to alter Rule 30 by addition of sub – paras. (b) & (c)

Amended 26th September 2002 to amend Rule 2 by the addition of Rule 2 (c) to include Rule 9(g) and to replace Rule 20

Amended 24th April 2003
To delete Rule 5 (c) (iv) – Hon Secretary to approve all accounts for payment
To amend Rule 5(d) (ii) – Requirement for dual signatures on cheques
To delete Rule 17 (c) – Free admission to matches
To appropriately renumber the affected sub paras.

Amended 1st April 2004
To amend Rule 4(d) so as to enable Club Presidents to remain in office beyond 3 consecutive years at the behest of both the General Committee and Club members.

Amended 28th April 2005
In Rules 3, 4(b), 5(b), 8 and 9(g) to split the role of President into that of President and Club Chairman (as was much earlier the case).
Also in Rule 7 for the Club Chairman to join the Finance Committee.
Also in Rule 18 to remove the unnecessary ‘clarification’ of what constitutes non-playing members, because of its historical assumption that lady members are non-playing members.

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